For Youth

As Interfaith Scholar Weekend is committed to respecting all faiths and promoting a peaceful society, we emphasize the importance of all students obtaining a well-rounded education.  We encourage students to pursue or continue their education at the university level while affirming the significance of their respective religions, languages, and cultures.

Recognizing the existing barriers to accessing higher education, we recommend exploring opportunities provided by Environment for the Americas (EFTA). This non-sectarian organization connects the next generation with nature and offers various options to help students overcome obstacles to university education.  EFTA provides summer internships, stipends, and the chance to serve as resource assistant interns, contributing to a well-rounded education by imparting practical skills and knowledge beyond the traditional classroom setting.

While we don't offer direct programs, internships, or scholarships, we strive to inspire and motivate youth to pursue higher education, appreciate their religious, cultural, and linguistic heritage, and highlight valuable resources offered by a non-sectarian organization like Environment for the Americas.